Monday, March 23, 2009

Richland Woman Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)

Chords used: C-F-G

[C] [F] [C] [G] [C]
[F] [C] [G] [C]

[C]Give me red lip[F]stick and a bright poppy [C]rouge
A shinglebob [G]haircut and a shot of good [C]booze

Hurry down sweet [F]Daddy, come blowin' your [C]horn
If you come too [G]late your mama will be [C]gone

[repeat chords]

Now I'm rarin' to [F]go, got red shoes on my [C]feet
My mind is set [G]right for tin lizzy [C]seat
[Chorus then repeat chords]

Stop at the fashion [F]shop, get the one that looks [C]best
Your own sweet [G]mama wants a brand new [C]dress
[Chorus then repeat chords]

Red rooster [F]says, "Cockadoodle do [C]doo"
The Richland women [G]say, "Any dude will [C]do."
[Chorus then repeat chords]

Dress skirt [F]high, then they cut [C]low,
Don't think I'm a [G]sport, keep on watchin' me [C]go.
[Chorus then repeat chords]

With rosy red [F]garters and pink hose on my [C]feet
Turkey-red [G]bloomer with a rumble [C]seat

Every Sunday [F]morning, church watchin' me [C]go
My wings sprouted [G]out, the preacher told me [C]so.


Gideon said...

Awesome transcription on this tune, thanks for adding it and the video too.

Greg said...

thanks so much!! great song, thabks for the chors